Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Slum School, Baljeet Nagar New Delhi

Baljeet nagar is considered as the slum of Delhi where people are living in very miserable conditions .They are not having good houses, not getting the water on the regular bases, not having food to eat on regular intervals. They are doing work of very small scale like driving tuk tuk, putting the threads on the paper bags , reshaping the iron which they are collecting from the garbage, sewing etc. This kind of work also got started by the children with their parents instead of concentrating on the studies, which was considered as a big harm to the community .

By watching all this situation Wahoe commune had decided to upgrade the level of community by providing education to the children so that they can earn livelihood by doing some appreciable work in the society. Miss Preeti was our first teacher who taught the children in our slum school . She start teaching in the small veranda of a family without any roof, electricity in winters, summers and in monsoon season . It was appreciable that children were happy to learn in these situation as well.

Now Miss Preeti and Miss lamba are our amazing teachers, At the moment the classroom is not in perfect condition, but we hope to improve this in the near future. Most of the children here have had no other education until now. If you would like to teach here than you can assist Bharti with her lessons or even take your own lessons if you feel comfortable. It will be a rewarding experience as the children are very enthusiastic and eager to learn.

We require 2 volunteers per day, helping out with the classes. You can either assist the main teacher with lessons or take your own lessons. You can teach the children art, music, drawing, computer classes or anything else you think would benefit them. You can also assist them with their homework, or play educational games and other fun activities.In the beginning there were around 30 children and now it is increasing day by day. At present miss Bharti is teaching in the slum . And two small rooms are taken to protect the children, teacher and the volunteers from different weather .