Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Child Education,Agra slums

This is our another non profit initiative based in Agra, India. We aim to establish and maintain caring and nurturing learning environments where children from less fortunate backgrounds are given the opportunity to learn and develop essential skills and attributes to better their own futures, and those of their communities. Our primary mission is to provide support, fundraising and volunteers to help local grass roots education & women's empowerment projects.We believes that special attention needs to be given to women and girls, to ensure they have equal access to, and encouragement and support to complete, the same educational opportunities and their male peers.

We will have a strong focus on:

  Helping establish safe and nurturing learning environments where girls can attain a high level of education.
  Helping eliminate gender disparity in literacy and educational levels.
  Helping promote gender equality and empowering women.

Education for young women is very important to us, as it will provide them with a bright future in a male dominated society. A high drop-out rate of girls to support their families, and low incomes forcing parents to only educate their sons, are the main causes of a very low female literacy rate. We hope to curb the gender inequality that occurs in many places.

Our aim is to give children who are most in need of an education a head start in life, so when they reach adulthood they can access all education, economical, social, and political opportunities, and will have the ability to pursue their dreams and goals.