Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Wahoe Commune, Shimla

“SLOWLY, SLOWLY” – Our ambitious project in Shimla.
Wahoe Commune’s aspiration is to provide Computer and English education, as well as Women Empowerment to the neglected habitants of the villages in the Trans-Himalayan region. Shimla being the capital of Himachal Pradesh, it is well connected with all the Trans-Himalayan villages. It is for this reason that it has been selected as the epicentre for all our northern projects.

An apartment was opened in Shimla in November 2013, which offers accommodation to our volunteers and a workshop in which to both train our future teachers and provide education to youths from the local community. For the moment we have 3 computers, but gradually, we will accumulate more.

This Wahoe project is a means to realising the full potential of local youths and helping them get back on the right track. Many young people come from the villages to this capital, in search of work and get lost in frustration of how difficult this is. When they do not find the right opportunities, they give up and often turn to illegal activities and drugs. We would like to help them, re-ignite their ambition and give them a purpose.

We also hope to develop teachers so that we may one day expand from our base in Shimla to the villages that receive no facilities from the government.

Our ambition will take time, but this is a cause in which we believe and are determined will one day see light.

Volunteering in Digital Marketing,Shimla
The summer office of Wahoe is in Shimla; a city that used to be the British summer capital of India, and for good reason: the weather is beautiful. The office serves as an epicentre for volunteers who are placed in one of the 5 Trans-Himalayan locations. They will take rest in Shimla for at least one night before heading out to their final destination.The office also organizes many of the local and regional tours. Qualified volunteers placed at the head office will work on digital marketing. Experience in the field is highly preferred, as the volunteer will take full control over the organization’s web presence. Tasks will include, but are not limited to, updating the websites, setting up new and/or executing previously established marketing strategies, and assisting in communications with future volunteers. Volunteers staying at this location, working on digital marketing will prepare their own food; there is a kitchen available for use as well as many local eateries within walking distance.

About Shimla
At an elevation of 2200 metres, Shimla is called the “Queen of the Hills” and offers stunning views over the central Himalayas. In 1864, it was declared the summer capital of India. Today, Shimla has a population of 171,817. It is a very peculiar city, and gives a completely different perspective to India in relation to the rest of India. High in the hills, it is clean, smoking is forbidden and around every corner there is something new to discover. If you appreciate a bit of fresh air (especially if you’ve come from Delhi!), there are incredible Heritage Walks that vary in length and every night the sunsets are an absolute vision. Local transport here is by bus or private vehicles. Buses ply frequently on the circular road surrounding the city centre.

Shimla by Air
Shimla has its own airport that offers connections for Delhi and Kullu. The Jubbarhatti airport is 23-km from Shimla and major domestic airlines cater their services from here to Shimla. One can catch direct flights from Delhi. Chandigarh also well connected with Delhi by many domestic flights, and is the gateway to Shimla.

Shimla by Rail
Reaching Shimla by rail is also very convenient as Kalka is the nearest major railhead which is connected with Shimla on the narrow gauge. The city boasts of three railway stations with Shimla, being the main station with other two located at Summer Hill and Totu (Jutogh) respectively.

Shimla by Road
Access to Shimla by road is made possible by the well-maintained and efficient network of roadways and National Highway 22 that links the town with Chandigarh. The transport system within the town is also good and bus or private vehicles can be used to travel from one part of the town to another.