Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Planning Your Volunteer Program - FAQ'S

Why should volunteer pay - According to Natasha from Russia
Also I have to say about one moment that was important for me. My friends ask me why I have to pay for volunteering experience. It was actual question for me also. I try to clarify this moment. All NGOs in India work in this way because they don’t have any government support and economical situation in India is really not the best in the world. And some projects require real money, specially such projects like SLUM schools in Dehli. And when I tried to find a volunteer project Wahoe was one of the interesting and cheap programs, because in internet you can find so many very expensive programs and it seems like volunteering becomes a very good business. With Wahoe I felt that it is really about helping and giving education to children.

How do I arrange flights?
We work with a very experienced travel agent which organises flights for our volunteers, so you can contact them to help you find the best flight for your trip. They are ATOL bonded and insure your flight tickets against airline failure so you can book with confidence. Make sure you quote Wahoe' so they know you are one of our volunteers. Email: wahoeindia@gmail.com

Do I need travel insurance?
Travel insurance is essential and Wahoe requires that you have suitable travel insurance. We work with a specialist travel insurance broker called Banner Insurance that arranges travel insurance for Wahoe Volunteers at a special rate. For all the details please email us.wahoecommune@gmail.com

Do I need a visa?
Depending on the country, project and duration you will be travelling for, you may require a tourist or volunteering visa. We send out an information booklet when you apply which provides full details of the requirements and how to apply.

Do I need any immunisations or malaria tablets?
You will probably require some immunizations and for some locations malaria medication is also required. We send out an information booklet when you apply which provides full details of the requirements. You should arrange a visit to your doctor to receive the latest health advice and arrange immunisations. Some immunisations require a series of injections, so this visit should be arranged as soon as possible. Make sure you inform your doctor that you will be volunteering and tell them the nature of your project work so they can advise you accordingly.

Can you help with my other travel plans?
We are always very happy to help advise and our expert team has in-depth knowledge of all the locations we send volunteers to. We also work with a very experienced travel agent which organises tour. Once volunteers are booked onto a Wahoe project, we send a link which contains details of these tours and Wahoe volunteers receive a special discounted rate

Who is Volunteer?
Any individual who is sympathetic and kind enough to work for the benefit of the people around us without expecting any material reward is rightly called a volunteer. Every person has been a volunteer once in a while in his/her daily life. You certainly are a volunteer when you help some old women cross the busy road or when you try to save a drowning person. Now, when you participate in the program of Wahoe, you are going to do the same with a wider purview and with a more meaningful purpose.

Who can Volunteer?
We welcome people from any part of the world to join our program regardless of which country he or she may belong too. You should be fit to travel and work. We accept anyone above the age of 17 yrs to join our programs in India.

What kind of volunteer work is available?
You can choose from the different options depending on your taste and preference. However, volunteer programs are generally designed to bring about awareness in rural people and to conserve environment. Hence all works are closely related with nature, environment and people, especially children. Teaching English in a village school, promoting Health and Environment Education, Home stay / Cultural Exchange are some of our regular programs.

What do I need to qualify volunteer programme
No particular educational qualification or skill is necessary to work as a volunteer. All you required to have are the enthusiasm to work for your fellow human beings, a child's curiosity to learn new skills, keenness to learn from new society and culture. However, you should have normal health and energy. Wahoe India, nevertheless, looks your resume for your skills, volunteer experiences, travel experiences, your interests and preferences. This information makes our decision easy to suggest you a particular program that suits you the best.

Do I Have To Be a Professional in a Particular Field?
Usually you don't. Some very skilled work may demand some professional qualifications, but usually organisations offer training to enable you to do the work.

When Can I Come?
You can come anytime or in any season, its up to you when you want to come.

What do I expect to do?
Almost anything you want to do or can think of! You can volunteer to farm organically, build houses, write a magazine, judge criminals as a magistrate or fix computers. You can join with us to cater for every interest and minority group imaginable.

How to start?
Before contacting organisation it is a good idea to think about what you would like to do in terms of the acitivity and type of projects you would like to work for. At the same time consider how much time you are able to give up. Once you have applied, we will send you details of your placement usually within 10 working days.

Will I work alone or would there be a team?
Yes, at Meaningful Journeys you are welcome to join alone,with a friend, family or in a group. We offer special discounted fee for family and group bookings. If you are comfortable with a team you can gladly work with them.

What is the duration of the volunteer programme?
The normal duration of the volunteer program would be around 3 weeks. However, if you are interested to stay for more time, Wahoe India would make necessary arrangements to extend the duration up to SIX months. Home stay / Cultural exchange is suitable for those who want to stay for a longer period of time.

I cannot speak English could i become a volunteer?
Of course! Certainly. Speaking English or any foreign language is not necessarily important. While in your work as a volunteer you are supposed to speak Hindi with the local people. Wahoe India gives you proper training about Hindi speaking to the minimum level of daily communication. This is enough to get through your regular transactions. You will also be given enough guidance about the local lifestyle, tradition and culture. However, A minimum understanding level of English language is required to communicate with the staff of Wahoe India and with your team mates.

Is there any programme during the festival season?
Yes, We arrange many of projects during festival season. Please send us email for furthur information.

What are the living arrangement during the volunteering programme?
You will be given the accommodation that is covered by the program fee. During the volunteer program you are generally put to live with a host family in the area you are going to work as a volunteer. Sometimes you will be living at the area of work depending on the availability of facility. Meals will be provided twice a day during volunteer program.

Can i come with spouse or with family?
Yes, Couples and groups are invited. But it should be noted that Wahoe India does not give any guarantee to provide private accommodation for couples in rural areas. Elder children who are independent will be considered on a case by case basis.

When and how do I pay the program fee?
You have to pay the program fee on the day of your arrival or on the morning after, to the Project Coordinator of Wahoe Commune in US$ (or the equivalent in GB Pounds, Euros or Indian Rupees) cash.You have to pay Registration Fees in our Wahoe Bank Account for your Placement.

What support and guidance I expect?
Wahoe Commune takes every measure to make your volunteer project enjoyable, meaningful and memorable. During your volunteer program you will work along with our full time staff who are very much familiar with local people and village environment. They will give you every information and guidance wherever necessary. Moreover, the management of Wahoe Commune will be in continuous contact with you via internet or phone as long as you are in our Project.

What is included in the fee?
When you register yourself for volunteer program, you would be entitled to get the following. :: Food: All meals are provided to you. The major part of the food will be the local Indian cuisine. :: Accommodation: All the volunteers will be provided with a neat, comfortable and hygienic accommodation. :: Though it is not possible to provide luxurious facilities in rural India, the atmosphere would be friendly and enjoyable.

What should I pack?
You can carry your clothes, medicines, everyday needs. You can also carry cash enough for your personal expenses for a fortnight. However, ATM's are available in plenty.

Will I have any free time to visit or see some sights?
Everyday after the work is over you'll have the evenings to yourself. There will be plenty of time to explore the city of your placement. You can utilize weekends for in-country travel.

If I have less or more time to spend?
This is really up to you. You can find volunteering that only takes an hour or a month - there's a trend towards short-term volunteering requiring minimal commitment. Having said that, obviously the less time you have the harder it can be to find something that's right for you. You can volunteer at any time of the week, day or night. While much volunteering takes place in office hours, you can volunteer at evenings and weekends too, again depending on what you want to do.

For more details and queries please contact our office coordinators at