Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Program Fees and Details For 2014

Price of volunteering
When volunteering in our projects in Delhi and Shimla, we ask for $10 a day to cover accommodation with 2 daily meals at our Community Kitchen. It is kind of contribution toward maintaing our voluteer apartment.

In our projects outside of the cities, volunteers stay with local families. Although very generous, these families earn very little and therefore we ask for $10 per day to cover accommodation, 2 daily meals and their hospitable service.

Registration deposit fee
In order to secure their placement with Wahoe, we ask for a registration fee of $25 US. This can be paid directly via Paypal.

This system has been put in place to ensure that our project is taken seriously.

Note: This must be paid before arrival, in order to confirm your place with us and avoid any disappointment.

Volunteer Accommodation
In Delhi
When staying in Delhi, we have 2 options: Our first option is to stay at our volunteer house in Baljeet Nagar. This is located approximately 10 minutes walking distance from the slum school and Shadipur metro station. It is a warm Indian home with 2 bedrooms and 4 beds, which can accommodate 4 volunteers at any one time. There is a small kitchen to cook meals if you wish and a small bathroom with a western style toilet.

This house is also our Yoga and Meditation Centre in Delhi.

We also offer accommodation in an apartment located in Anand Parvat, which provides stunning views over Delhi as it is on the rooftop of the building. Here there are 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom with a western-style toilet.

In Shimla
We have invested in a spacious and comfortable apartment where we offer a private room to our volunteers. Here there is also a workshop for teaching English and Computer skills. It is a homely apartment, located only 5 minutes from the city centre.

In the Trans-Himalayan villages, Jaipur and Nautanwa.
We are fortunate to have found local families in these areas who support Wahoe’s visions and projects. They are always very happy to welcome volunteers into their homes and do their best to make them feel comfortable.

Daily meals will be cooked for you by these host families.

Note: Please bear in mind that this is basic and local accommodation with Indian style toilets and showers. In the villages there is no Wifi connection. Note: Natural calamities like bad weather, road blocks, landslides, ill health will be borne by the volunteers and money will be not refundable in any case if you are leaving the projects in the middle.

You are appreciated to be vegetarian during the projects.

All kind of beverages, drinking water, telephone bills, laundry and other kind of personal expense is not included.

We hope to one day be able to invite volunteers to work with us as no cost. At the present time however, we are only in the initial stages on this organisation and are not yet self-sufficient. Our Charitable Tours, despite their positive reviews, still face heavy competition and thus, we have not found the stability that we hope to in the near future.

Please understand that the projects we are devoted to, cost more than one might expect. Our Monthly expense for just the Slum school in Delhi comes to Approx. 48,000 INR/ monthly (school rent,teacher salaries, volunteer apartment rent,adminstration wages and miscellaneous ).

Our projects in Delhi,Jaipur, Shimla and Trans-Himalayan region cost us approximately Euro 3000 Monthly which has been running with lot of ups and downs from the last few years but we are very thankful to our donors. They were all the time with us for help and we are hopeful that in future these projects will run successfully to educate unprivileged children, Himalayan women, untouchable community and Nepalese immigrants.