Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Girls Education Kukas Village, Jaipur

One of our newest projects, on the edge of Jaipur. At our Kukas Village,Jaipur School we provide education to 30 young women from the local community. The women are aged between 7 and 13 and they learn all regular subjects such as Hindi, Math and English. We also provide free education to 5 older women from the local community. In the future we hope to introduce a program where the women will make items from sewing and jewellery, which will be sold in the shops and the market, providing them with an additional revenue source that they can help support their

families with. The setting for this school is a beautiful village with amazing views and sunsets.Situ is very enthusiastic teacher here in this village and although she only speaks very basic english herself, she tries her hardest to teach the girls what she knows. We hope that she will keep up her confidence to continue in the Kukas school. She is also a great host and made volunteers very comfortable with the rest of her family.They are Kaka Jis extended family and live very happily together. They have all contributed to setting up Kukas Village School. Kaka Ji, a hindu priest was able to encourage families to send their girls to the school where situ would teach. All the women are great cooks and if you come to volunteer here you will be in their great company.