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Slum Walk Baljeet Nagar,New Delhi

Baljeet Nagar, ‘The friendliest slum in the world’
Our Baljeet Nagar-based Wahoe organisation would like to welcome you to our local tour, the biggest slum of Delhi. Our guides, born and living in Baljeet Nagar, would like to show you the daily life in their 'city of hope'. See the way the people of Baljeet Nagar live their lives. Become inspired by their resilience and friendliness. You 'll experience that the people of Baljeet Nagar will certainly make you feel welcome. A Guide, well-known in the slum, will come on the tour to make you feel even more safe.

What we will visit and support
A school built by 'prem kirtan trust'. Meet these impressive women and look at their work in the childrens home.A typical Baljeet Nagar house. Feel welcome in one of the houses in Baljeet Nagar and ask your questions about the day-to-day life in the slum;.The roof top center: a fantastic view over Baljeet Nagar and picture-point. You can see that also human waste is not wasted here; And much more...

Costs: 650 Rs p.p.

By joining you will support the people of Wahoe Commune. The tour provides local employment and the profits will be used directly for projects to improve the lives of the people of community.

Our Baljeet Nagar tour will start from Lal Mandir and will cost only 650 rs. per person. We can also organise the transport to Baljeet Nagar from your hotel and back at extra costs (depending on the number of people). You can join the tour in the morning or in the afternoon. It will take about 3 to 4 hours, including a 2-3 hour walk;You'll join the tour in a small group (max. 6 persons). Restricted-picture policy: Pictures are allowed at dedicated places after permission of the guides; Our tours are recommended by Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet.

For reservations or inquiries please contact Wahoe Charitable tours directly by phone:

Mehar Singh 9891014003
For more Information. Visit Us : www.wahoeindia.com