Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Apple Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Experience of Natasha from Russia
Volunteering in Apple valley with Wahoe Commune was my first such experience and it was really fascinating. First, the place is amazing. I had a feeling that I live in the heart of Himalayan Mountains. Beautiful view is right from the window of a room. In the beginning of the 19th century one American Christian missioner came to this place and lived in a big stone cave for a long time. Then he came back to his country and brought apples to this valley, so now you can see big apple gardens everywhere in

this place. Later he married a local woman and has got a new Indian name Satya Narayana.I lived with a Nepali family. It was very good and friendly contact despite language barriers. We tried to help each other and I studied Nepali from them and they studied English from me. To the end of my 2 weeks program we even had a small nepali-english phrases dictionary that was born during this period.

They cook very nice indian food, you will have 2 meals a day for free, that is included in a volunteer package, for other meal you must pay. It’s a new project and not so many children come to classes, from 3 to 7 people in the age from 9 to 14. But I like small groups because it’s possible to feel the character of very child very well. Actually I can’t call my lessons classes in the common way, in some moment I had a name for these lessons like “interactivities”. When I say “interactive” I mean I had a communication and a feedback from every child. And I was have to learn also, because children are very sensitive. For example if you plan something for lesson but inside you feel that it is not very interesting, kids react very quickly and start getting bored. Sometimes I had opposite feeling, I just had some really interesting idea and lessons were very energetic and bright.

We had a little English, maths, geography, drawing, computer lessons, studying typing a, b, c and a little computer drawing, some art lessons and, of course, Games!

Thank you! I would like to come back.