Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Wahoe Commune Elderly Care Program

Elderly people contribute immensely to the growth of society – provided that they are properly cared for. Cases of poverty, neglect, inadequate health care, lack of health insurance and even abuse against senior citizens are rising by the day.

Family structure is changing in India meaning the elderly are left without the safe, secure and dignified status of the family, leaving them vunerable

There’s around 100 milllion people over the age of 60 years in India, the UN predicts that this will increase to more than 324 million by 2050

One third are below the poverty line
Ninety percent have to continue to work to survive
One out of eight feel no one cares if they exist or not

This program creates the opportunity for volunteers to change these circumstances of the elderly people, empowering them by providing a positive future. Volunteers can ensure that the later years are lived with economic and social security, along with dignity and happiness.

Volunteers will help by:

Providing medical supplies which aren’t provided by the government, meaning they would otherwise go without.

Interacting with the elderly- In india there is a lack of love and affection in many of these peoples lives that volunteers can bring. Patience with the elderly is required.

Helping around the home through cleaning, cooking, physical labour and contributing your knowledge on more effective methods of daily living.

Workshops educating the community on the importance of the elderly and their contribution to society.
Providing information about disease management, balanced diet, physical exercise, and the promotion of a positive mind set to create feelings of well being.