Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Community Development,Galot Village, Himachal Pradesh

One of our newest schools set in Galot village, 17km from the town of Shimla. We currently hold classes for around 15 children here. Class times are 4-6pm in the afternoons. You can assist the current teachers or take your own lessons if you like. During the day you can help out on the family farm or make your way into Shimla to help out in our office. Your accommodation will be with a local host family. The town has beautiful mountain views, so it is very appealing to our volunteers.

To get to this village you will need to make your way to Shimla via bus or taxi. Then you will need to take a local taxi car (which we can arrange for you at out office in Shimla), to the village. It will cost $25 to do this. There is another option to take the local bus to the village, but without local knowledge of the area we do not recommend this, as it is fairly difficult to get too and some volunteers have gotten themselves lost in the past. However, if you are confident to take this option than by all means please do so.

Experience for this village - By - Volunteer Jade Oldfield - ( Australia )
My experience volunteering for Wahoe Commune in the village of Galot was extremely rich and memorable. I immediately felt very comfortable at my home stay, and the Sharma family went out of their way to make me feel like part of their family. It was interesting to witness the roles each family member had. Everyone worked very hard cooking, cleaning, studying and preparing the fields for vegtables, which we then ate for dinner. I learnt a lot about Indian culture and rural life through living with them. It was refreshing to live with people who are so self sufficient and in tune with their surrounding environment. A far cry from my life in Sydney.

The sons made a real effort to show me their village. During free time they took me on treks around the foot hills of the himalayas and introduced me to other village members. Everytime I had to go into Shimla, they made sure I go there and back safely. They tried to teach me Hindi, and i like to think I have retained some of what they taught me. I now feel like I have 2 brothers in India, both of which I hold very close to my heart.

Teaching the children of the Galot village was very rewarding. They are very bright and eager to learn. I tried to break up the English teaching with drama activities and art classes. Once I felt the energy was getting low, I would encourage them to do something active whilst still utilising their English language skills. During the 2 weeks of my volunteering we managed to make 2 home movies which proved to be a fun way for them to practice their English whilst doing something creative.