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Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Wahoe Volunteer Services

What happens when I arrive in Delhi for placements in Delhi, Jaipur or Shimla?
What happens when I arrive in Delhi for placements in Delhi, Jaipur or Shimla? If you are arriving by air then you will be greeted at the airport with our representative. We understand it might be stressful if it’s you’re first time in India, so no matter what time you arrive, whether its 5pm or 3am, we will pick you up from the airport. Just let us know your flight details in advance, and we will be there when you arrive.

If you are arriving by train or bus, then you will just need to let us know your train or bus number and scheduled arrival time or give us a call when you arrive in Delhi. We can then meet you in our main office,T - 650 , L - 5 A-1 Street No. 21 , Baljeet Nagar (This is the main backpacker area), and take you to Wahoe Commune apartment. Again, please let us know your itinerary in advance so we can put your arrival details in our calendar.

After you have been greeted by one of our friendly staff members, then we will take you to our office where you will meet Miss Valentine, our volunteer coordinator. You can put your bags down and have a cup of chai with Valentine to discuss a few things, such as which project/s you would like to help out with. Valentine will need to photocopy your passport and you will need to sign our registration form. You will then be given a short tour of our slum school and taken to your accommodation at either our volunteer apartment, or at commune hostel. It is here where you will be given the opportunity to meet our other staff members. Then you can settle into your new room and prepare for your volunteer experience the following morning.

If you are not planning on staying in Delhi, and would like to go directly to one of our projects in Jaipur, Shimla, Siri village or Nautanwa, all you need to do is fill out our application form, attach photo copy of your passport and email them both to Mehar or Jitender at our office in Delhi (Email address.wahoecommune@gmail.com,) or www.wahoecommune.org.in). You will be able to make your payment upon arrival at our main office in Delhi.but you have to deposit $50 registration fees to confirm your placement.

Arriving in Shimla for one of our Trans-Himalayan projects?
For placements at any of our Trans-Himalayan projects such as Siri Village, Manali or Galot, you will need to check into our volunteer office in Shimla before transferring to your volunteer placement. The office is very easy to locate, simply make your way up to ‘Mall road’ and head for the famous ‘Christ Church’, you can’t miss is. If you are looking at the church, you will see a road on the left hand side, then look straight ahead of that road and you will see a sign saying ‘Wahoe’ on a building behind the church, this is our volunteer office. Once in our office you can sit down with Sandeepen or Aruna, have a Chai and discuss your placement. If you arriving late in the day and would like to spend a day or two in Shimla then you will be able to stay with our lovely home-stay, just off Mall road or in cottage which is in countryside.

Volunteer Accommodation

Here in Delhi we have 2 types of accommodation available for our volunteers:
First option is to stay at our volunteer apartment which is about 10minutes walking distance to the slum school, at the entrance to Baljeet Nagar. It is a small apartment with 2 bedrooms and 4 beds, which can accommodate 4 volunteers at any one time. There is a small kitchen for you to cook meals if you wish and a small bathroom with a western style toilet. There is also a small lounge-room at the front. Second, you could stay in our commune hostel which is joint venture of our organisation and the Hotel.

Volunteer accommodation in villages Trans-Himalayan, Jaipur and Nautanwa:
While you are volunteering in one of our village projects you will be staying in ‘home-stay’ style accommodation. In Jaipur you will stay with the local family who helps support the school, in Siri village you will stay with Mehar, Chaman and Mamta’s family, in Nautanwa you will stay with Praveen, and in Shimla you will stay with a local host family. Daily meals will be cooked for you by your host family. Please keep in mind that this is basic accommodation with Indian style toilets and showers and in the villages there will be no Wifi connection