Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.

Wahoe Commune Community Kitchen,New Delhi

Our latest project and a huge step forward, we now provide meals for the children in the community at Wahoe Commune every morning and evening. Gajan Singh is the inspiration and innovator of this new project. Gajan runs open meditation classes every evening at Wahoe Commune and is actively involved in his community as a spiritual teacher. Gajan’s vision is to feed the underprivileged children and elderly in his community. Each day children and the elderly now have the opportunity to eat daily meals at our commune.

Today we cooked gram, rice and chapati every one was having meal together it was very nice and this time we have not much people in community kitchen because most of the people in their village in few day we will have more people in our community kitchen we are very happy to do this kind of work and it is very interesting.

by Manager of community kitchen