Wahoe Commune Volunteer Programs
Helping Local Communities in India and Nepal.


As an Intern in Wahoe India you will be unpaid as we lack resources to support you, but on the other hand we will support you completely and make sure that your experience with us makes you a thorough professional in your work life. The skills required for the assignment provided to you would be provided. The time for the Internship could be 6-12 weeks, but can be shorter or longer. These are the kinds of Internship that we offer:

Work experience Internship:
Most often this will be in the second or third year of the school or College period. The placement can be from 2 months to sometimes even one full year (it's your wish). During this period the intern is supposed to use the things he has learned in College or school and put it in practice. This way the Interns gets work experience in their field of study. The gained experience will be helpful to finish up the last year of the study.

Research Internship (graduation) or dissertation Internship:
This is mostly done by students that are in their last year. With this kind of Internship a student does research for Wahoe India or one of our subsidiary organizations. There are many areas where we need inputs after intense research. You can help us with that through these efforts.

Another kind of Internship will be those students interested in taking a year off after completing their undergraduate degree to give them an opportunity to travel or do some kind of volunteer work or Internship. They may not feel quite ready to settle down in a job or make decisions based on establishing a career or settling down in a new location.

The focus areas of Internship could be in health care, women's issues, and education of children, culture, child development, sustainable development, and income generation. However, Wahoe India can craft an Internship projects in nearly any area you wish.

Support for your Internship with us.
You would need support for travel, stay and our fee. Academic credit is a possibility for many Internships. However, the Internship will need to be approved for credit by your college and you may need a faculty sponsor. The Internship sponsor must also agree to supervise and evaluate the Internship experience. In many, cases there are school deadlines for applying for credit, so check soon with the appropriate department at your institution.

We will provide you full details as to what is expected of you before the start of the Internship. We will discuss the details and the logistics with the Internship sponsor before you start, so the Internship will be a positive experience for both you and wahoe..